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Laguna Beach 98. Click here to see enlargement. © Ruth Mayer Fine Art.

  Laguna Beach 98  

RMP Catalog No. 3482

The Artist celebrated a Silver Anniversary 25th Year of her Laguna
Gallery. The Art was unveiled by Mayor of the City of Laguna on the
Artists birthday in June 1998. Laguna Beach City Hall was donated a
full sized First of a kind 36" x 120" Fine Art Canvas Reproduction of
the art using the state o the art Fine Art Print Technology. The artist
also has one of the full size canvas reproductions placed in her gal-
lery, (380 S. Coast Highway, Laguna). Always an attraction inviting
attraction to visitors of the remarkable view of the famous California
Beach City. The perspective for the work was gained from a position
in the sky with a helicopter hovering along the sea coast. The actual
helicopter flown, and owned by pilot Doug Daigle carved out a place
in history, holding the worlds "Hovering Record" at 50 hours. Eggs
were taped to the bottom of its skids as the evidence it didn't touch
the ground in the marathon event. The "Bell 47" built in 1947 was
the worlds oldest flying helicopter. It is now a part of the Smithsonian
Museum Institute collection of aircraft. (if you peruse closely toward
center of the painting, you will see the red and white craft hovering
with the artist waving at you from its window - keeping her tradition
of always painting herself somewhere in her art.