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Ice Cream Boy. Click here to see enlargement. © Ruth Mayer Fine Art.

  Ice Cream Boy  

  Catalog No. 3402  

This little guy was strolling down the street near Ruths gallery where
she was painting in Laguna, of course she saw an instant painting, and
prepared for such a moment, had her camera along. Just at the instant
he walked past her, the ice cream on his cone flipped onto the top of
the jean straps holding up his britches - the timing could not have been
planned for such an incident. The look of "uh-oh" changed the moment to
necessity. No problem - he just put his cone under it, pushed the ice
cream back into it, and continued hapily on his way. Only one problem
though. After the painting was made, and in the gallery window several
weeks later - the proud parents recognized their tadpole, and saw Ruth
painting away as usual, and they said .. "the painting in the window of
the child with the ice cream - thats our child", the artist said "oh
the "Ice Cream Boy" ... and they said "Boy", oh no, she's a Girl" ...
thats our daughter" ... everyone always things she's a boy, she looks
like one of the "Little Rascals" from the 1930s in those clothes" and
all had a good laugh - thats how the Ice Cream Boy came to be!