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Girl Talk. Click here to see enlargement. © Ruth Mayer Fine Art.

  Girl Talk  

If you look carefully you will see the two girls talking "Girl Talk" - the girl on the right
has her back to you, with her right leg crossed over her left, her bare foot showing to the
bottom left, while the girl on the left is resting her head in the palm of her hand, laying
on her tummy facing her friend on the right. (There are other things too you may see).

This form of Art by Ruth Mayer may be called subliminal realism, hidden within abstract
impressionism, while its a style that otherwise may defy definition, among several styles
she has created through her career. The particular sense enjoyably convenyed in this kind
of work is the special joy of finding that which would never be suspected as being there.
(Another piece, among many, that also represents the fun, and the hidden treasures,
"Stormy and the Carousel" ... the title is a clue to the hidden imagery within.