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Catalina. Click here to see enlargement. © Ruth Mayer Fine Art.


The town of "Avalon" on the Catalina Island Coast - as viewed from the soaring heights of seabirds
that visit the island, or the perspective of the pilots with the courage to handle the small runway
at the top of the mountain in the center of the island. The artist - Ruth - is a pilot, and her
inspirations often came from soaring where the other winged friends enjoy their view. Avalon has a
year round population of only about 4000 people, while the island is under the stewardship of a con-
servancy, development is not on the agenda, so it tends to have virtually imperceptible change. At
the time the Limited Edition Serigraph was created, it was the largest ever attempted, with the most
color screens pulled, making it a quite unique collectors edition within the publishing realm, as
well as a work of extraordinarily detailed art. The original oil painting is exquisite, carried out
with the tinyest of pallette knives. Its appearance is that of ultra fine brush work, but while the
texture warms the richness of the work with an unusual characteristic that feels present, alive.It
was a favorite piece of the artist, one she never intended to part with, even though a regular client
had his eye on the piece for 12 years, attempting to seduce the artist into surrendering it with ever
larger offerings - until alas - the last offering was persuasive enough to convince the artist it
would have a good home, and its new owner would enjoys it as much as the artist did. Even so, tears
shed when it was placed in its new home. But she may visit anytime she wishes. Every time it is viewed
it never ceases to reach out and embrace the heart with emotion that captures the heart to draw one in
- to that mythical magical paradise that is like no other ... Avalon ... "Catalina"!