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Basilica in My Window. Click here to see enlargement. © Ruth Mayer Fine Art.

  Basilica in My Window  

Basilica St Petri = painted in Rome, April 2004. A view from the artists hotel room
window, during her visit to Rome for her meeting with Pope John Paul II, during her
journey to Rome commissioned to paint the now late Pope. Other views of the painting
in progress are found in the menu link titled "Pope John Paul II Commission". The photo
graphs of the painting in progress show the varying light of different days during the
painting of the Basilica in the background. When the priests learned about the new work
of the painting being done, they were inspired to arrange a surprise visit for the artist
to take her with the new painting to the private prayer sanctuary Pope John Paul II built
beneath the Vatican beside the tomb of St Peter. A prayer mass was conducted to give the
new painting a special Blessing ... a unique photo captured the artist leaving the Basilica
after the special mass, flanked by two Vatican priests, with the light coming down directly
through her path ... as if being a closing and an opening of a very special moment. Note the
Angels in the sky surrounding the dome of the Basilica.

(the unique photo may be viewed in the Pope link).